Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am exceedingly bored

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. What can I say? I am bored as fuck.
Work has taken on a day-to-day doldrum from which I cannot find release. I am bored by midday then spend five hours trying to look busy until I can safely go home.
This week, blessedly, I was given a special assignment. A was commissioned to write a feature on reality television for the Saturday paper. Reality TV is something I know a thing or two about and I was pleased to do it.
But right now I am in the middle of my first afternoon in three days without the piece to tinker with and I feel mightily bored. Mightily.
There is promise of another piece this week, perhaps on a more serious topic, which should with any luck amuse my starved mind.
Pondering on it, last week I did this faux audition for the Channel Seven weatherman job - all as a bit of a laugh and for the benefit of the column. People are now writing and calling thinking I actually want this hideous appointment.
My response has always been "I would be bored out of my brain". And indeed, I think I would. I think the fact that writing half a column a day has me completely numb out of my brain is probably a sure sign that working 3.5hrs a day presenting the weather is a job for no one with any more intellectual rigour than a hamster.