Sunday, February 15, 2009

Census for February

Reading: Hippocrene Children's Illustrated Russian Dictionary.
Watching: Planet Earth,I'm always watching my Attenborough.
Listening:This American Life. The Chicago Public Radio program. Addictive listening. I wish my name was Ira Glass. I've also been listening to Stephen Fry podcasts, too.
Downloading: Some top 40 crap including those thoroughly catchy Britney Spears tunes. What?
Website du jour: Facebook is all I'm really looking at.
Café: Milkd, Maylands.
Pub: Being back at The Court a little bit lately, which has been fun.
Club: Can't be bothered.
Eating: Been eating as healthily as possible. Have joined everyone else on the anti-carb thing. My metabolism has changed. I'm horrified.
Drinking: Sparkling water. Preferably San Pellegrino. I'm just so addicted to the taste.
Wearing: My Danger Mouse t-shirt. Thanks Jakarta... best purchase ever.
Last show: Cirque du Soleil. Yawn. You really gotta do something more exciting than turn your vagina inside out by sticking your head up there to get me excited.
Next show: Going to see Camille O'Sullivan on Tuesday night and then the Ballet at the Quarry on Thursday.
Can’t wait ‘til: Thom's plane lands. In about four hours time. It's only five fucking hours late. WHHHHYYYYYY???????!!!!!
Most recent scoop: The one going in tomorrow's paper. I assume it has been listed at least. It's not huge but it's technically a scoop. Yay Landcorp.
Most recent purchase: A new AM radio with an iPod dock.
Want but can’t afford: To move to London. There's a global financial crisis on, you know? Apparently, everyone is shedding jobs so we're a bit fucked on that front.
Need but can’t afford: To spoil Thom.
Last bad act: I can't think of anything. There must be something. Oh, I keep taking the piss out of the fact we have an aviation writer.
Bad news: Thom's plane is running 5hrs late.
Good news: He'll still be home shortly.
Goal: To grab Thom and some plane tickets and head off overseas. Preferably to work but even for a holiday will do.
Yesterday I: Did a massive spring clean and room rearrangement.
Right now I should be:Trying to get a bit of sleep before Thom's plane arrives.
Later today I’m: Er, I think you can use your imagination for that one.

Tyra, I love you

And I'd like to thank all the "fag enablers" out there, too.

The Fruitcake Lady

Enda keeps finding this shit. I have no idea where he gets it from, but this is hilarious.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


For the first three minutes and 24 seconds this a pretty standard Eurovision-style song about the Balkans being a place of drinking and dancing.
At 3.25 seconds precisely, it jumps the shark and becomes something else altogether.
You'll see what I mean.

Actually I've just found more of this singer. She's fantastic. This film clip has everything. Her outfit is spectacular (one for Trish, I think) plus there is drag queen eyebrows, ugly muscle men, white snake skin shoes, boats, bendbacks on boats, drag queen eye lashes, motorcycles, greasy slicked-back hair, bad acting and cheesy cheesy fucking music. Oh Funky G, you've made my day! I'm slightly in love. If this is Serbian music, what the hell is the place like?