Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Census for November

Reading: Moscow Rules, Daniel DaSilva.
Watching: Star Trek, have popped my Star Trek cherry thanks to the new Star Trek movie. I have surprised myself by liking this.
Listening:Florence and the Machine. Sia.
Downloading: Beirut. But that was a while ago. Nothing lately.
Website du jour: Cakewrecks.blogspot.com.
Café: Milkd.
Pub: Scotto. In about two hours time.
Club: Went to Connies weekend before last. First time in FOREVER.
Eating: Broadfield has given me salmon.
Drinking: Sparkling mineral water.
Wearing: My gorgeous Gola zip-ups and London retro specials.
Last show: Midnight Juggernauts. Straightest gig I've ever been to. Someone actually vomited on the dancefloor, then kept dancing... in his vomit.
Next show: Sia. (then Cat Power, then Good Vibes on the Gold Coast with Andrew!).
Can’t wait ‘til: CNG Reunion this Friday.
Most recent scoop: Meh, I write IC.
Most recent purchase: Art by THNK. That is to say, AWESOME art by THNK.
Want but can’t afford: So many renovations to the flat. Oh, and a new TV.
Need but can’t afford: Nuffink.
Last bad act: Being way too drunk and short tempered on Saturday night.
Bad news: Very sad about Jack Sue's departure.
Good news: I'm happy. Like, with everything. I'm really quite settled.
Goal: To get into uni next year. I'm off to a promising start in the sense that I have applied.
Yesterday I: Worked.
Right now I should be:Working.
Later today I’m: Catching up with Katrina for dinner at le Scotto.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The secret to happiness...

...is to have them chuck buckets of money at you, to do a job you would do for free.

Lil help?