Thursday, May 14, 2009

Abhorrent behaviour

The thing that has been playing on my mind all week, bizarrely, is this rugby league sex scandal.
I'm sorry but it has taken way too long for Matthew Johns to be condemned and other heads should roll as well.
That this time last week Channel Nine thought they could get away with an apology before The Footy Show started was already pathetic. But then it became completely offensive when Fatty Vautin (or whatever his name is) patted him on the back and said "well said mate".
I'm sorry, no. Not acceptable. As if it was only a problem because the guy got caught. This is a serious issue you douchebags.
And watching Four Corners on Monday told us just how serious. Most telling of all was when reporter Sarah ball-tearer Ferguson said none of the men involved had asked after the girl.
Then the culture of rugby was exposed by those thick-as-fuck young blokes getting sex ed suggesting things like "if you treat em right by putting em in a cab afterwards then it will probably be ok". Terrifying.
Yes, how about you call come round and wank over me while a couple of your mates fuck me sideways and I'll keep quiet as long as you pour me, dripping, into a cab afterwards.
This is a national disgrace and it has been very sloppily handled.


Dean said...
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Anonymous said...

Wrong. The whole lot. Idiot. NO rape/attack occured with matthew johns and co. The "victim's" work college made a press release saying that the "victim" came to work boasting about the gangbang. What a whore! She's just looking to shame these guys.

Bolton said...

actually, cocktard, you're wrong. But judging by the abhorrent and mysogenistic content of you blog, it does not surprise me you feel the way you do about this issue. You profess on your page you'll do "almost anything to get laid" so chances are you're a complete dickwit. And as a final point, and one I'm very qualified to talk on, just because someone put out a press release doesn't mean the content is true. And the point of my blog was that there is a blokey culture in football saying this kind of behaviour is ok, when it isn't ok at all.

Lindsay said...

Oh Dean. If you ever do get laid, be sure to get the girl a cab afterwards and say thank you, nicely, particularly if you invite 10 of your friends around to jerk off in the room / give her a go themselves while you are doing it. Apparently that's how you avoid accusations of sexual assault. But I assume you already know that. Kind regards.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Dean, as if the smackdown you were served elsewhere wasn't enough.

Please remove yourself from the gene pool.